EXM is still here!

We’ve been on something of a hiatus, rethinking and reconfiguring what this blog is and does. We all have a lot on our plates – teaching, research, conference presentations, publication, etc. These varied professional activities often leave little room for other commitments, like regularly posting on a blog. Many of us value digital spaces like EXM as necessary for processing and discussing what’s going on in Medieval and Renaissance studies.

Moving forward, we’ll have a rotating cast of contributors. They will respond to recent Exemplaria essays or reflect on this season’s conferences. (Be sure to check out the Recent Contributors page for recent and upcoming contributors’ bios.) Our goal is to showcase a variety of voices and perspectives on what is new and exciting in the field, and on developments that encourage continued discussion. A core premise of EXM is that timely response and sustained reflection can and do work together.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll have reflection posts from Elise Lonich Ryan about this spring’s Shakespeare Association meeting in St. Louis and from Rick Godden about the 49th International Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo. Also, keep an eye out for response posts from Chris Koester, “Accommodating Consciences,” and Corey Sparks, “Romance, Fantasy, Resistance.”