Calendar page for October, with a roundel miniature of a man sowing grain, from the Huth Hours, Netherlands (Bruges or Ghent?), c. 1480, Add MS 38126, f. 10v

There are several fantastic events in Medieval and Early Modern Studies coming up this month. Here are notices on just a couple:

Later this week, BABEL collects in Toronto for its 4th Biennial meeting. The meeting is October 9-11. This year the theme is “Off the Books: Making, Breaking, Binding, Burning, Leaving, Gathering.”

Just a few days later at the other end of the continent, The Huntington Library is hosting the fantastically titled “The Provocative Fifteenth Century.” (October 15-17).

Finally, on October 30 The Medieval and Early Modern Institute of The George Washington University is holding its first (of a yearly series, hopefully) “Futures of the Past” symposium.