exemplaria swagEXM operates under the aegis of Exemplaria: medieval/early modern/theory.

(You can contact us through comments here on the blog or via email at exmblog [at] gmail [dot] com.)

Managed by graduate students and early career academics from a variety of institutions, EXM provides an on-line venue for discussion of theoretical issues, disciplinary trends, and critical developments raised in Exemplaria and the wider fields of Medieval and Renaissance studies.

Posts include responses to recent Exemplaria articles or special issues, announcements germane to the field, as well as reflections on conferences and symposia.

Since 1989, Exemplaria has established itself as one of the most consistently interesting and challenging periodicals devoted to Medieval and Renaissance studies. EXM extends the journal’s mission to provide a forum for different terminologies and approaches. Exemplifying alternate modes for engaging academic work and amplifying conversations in Exemplaria, EXM
broadens the possibilities for discussion of the latest
work in Medieval and Renaissance studies.

*banner image: “Planispherical astrolabe. Marocco [sic], 16th century. Engraved brass.” On display at Paris Naval Museum, accession number MnM 11 NA 1. Photo by: Rama.

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